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Tax Specialists for Real Estate Investors


The real estate market is the most profitable investment regarding high capital appreciation, high-income stream, and tax advantages. Real estate investors get tangible advantages and the potential for significant tax sheltering and tax savings.

Owning property may be quite rewarding if you know the tax regulations that apply to real estate investments in Canada. The regulations in Canada are relatively lenient when it comes to real estate ownership. Neither citizenship nor residence is a requirement for buying or owning real estate in Canada. In Canada, non-residents can also own rental property, but they must submit yearly tax reports to the CRA.

As long as the property remains an investment property, property taxes, line-of-credit interest, and repairs and upgrades can all be written off as tax deductions in Canada. As a real estate investor, you must know the tax implications at each stage of the investing process, including when you own the property, when you rent it out, and when you finally sell it.

You must be ready to face any problems to ensure that your money is wisely invested when investing in real estate. You want the correct people for real estate accounting services who can offer real estate accounting & tax expertise quickly and efficiently. They must be able to categorize expenditures accurately. Here at Insight Accounting CPA, our professional Chartered Professional Accountants have the necessary knowledge of the ever-changing Real Estate market rules.

To protect your corporate interests and help you make wise real estate investments, we have the expertise needed to help you.

Consider the following inquiries to determine whether or not a real estate accountant is the best match for your business, whether you are currently working with one or planning to hire one.

  • How many properties have you bought in Canada?
  • How long have you been making investments in real estate?
  • Do you provide active, passive, or accounting and tax advising services?
  • What kinds of properties do you and your clients own?
  • What percentage of your work in accounting and taxation is focused on real estate matters?

Insight Accounting CPA provides various tax services for developers, builders, contractors, and real estate investors. In addition to creating tax returns and financial statements, we can prepare you for any loan application by analyzing important financial statistics.

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